Carpe diem ...

De wereld is mijn vaderland,

mijn hoop de toekomst

en de tijd mijn vriend.

Thomas Rap Nederlands uitgever, schrijver en dichter (1933-1999)


Aan iedereen een fijne zaterdag !

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Hoop... Hope...

Do you know what Hope is?
It’s magic and it’s free.
It’s not in a prescription.
It’s not in an IV. 

It punctuates our laughter.
It sparkles in our tears.
It simmers under sorrows.
And dissipates our fears.

Do you know what Hope is?
It’s reaching past today.
It’s dreaming of tomorrow.
It’s trying a new way.

It’s pushing past impossible.
It’s pounding on the door.
It’s questioning the answers.
It’s always seeking more.

It’s rumors of a breakthrough.
It’s whispers of a cure.
A roller coaster ride
of remedies, unsure.

Do you know what Hope is?
It’s candy for the soul.
It’s perfume for the spirit.
It’s having faith that, someday. 
There will be a CURE for it.